Wedding Dance

An artist who sees you, creates, connects and shares.

One of the jewels of the wedding alongside the wonderful LaVie Couple. I am convinced that the preparation is as important as the choreography you learn to perform at the wedding. 

I work hard to make sure that both the rehearsals and the performance are wonderful memories. I would dare to put all the choreographies I have done in the past years next to each other, you would not find one of them the same.


Regarding the choreographies, I would like to point out that I always strive for uniqueness and professionalism, so the length of the dance(s) usually varies between 3.30-4.00 minutes maximum. Based on years of experience, this is the ideal so that the guests can enjoy the performance and it is not unduly stressful for you.

The more interesting and abstract your ideas and choice of music, the more special dances we can create together according to your dance skills.

350 couples trusted me to organize and coordinate their wedding, write the text of their civil ceremony and prepare their wedding dance.

Join them and let me help you make this day unforgettable. Be a LaVie Couple and feel the LaVie Spirit.

Briefly about our work together

We usually start choreographing the dance or dances about two months before the wedding with my Couples, which is usually enough. The number of times depends on what kind of music and choreography you want, so a simple but unique waltz will take about 5-6 times to get you confident, if you want a more difficult dance or two, then obviously more times are needed. 

The choreography will be strictly to your level, so whether you bring a video you like or not, I won't force anything, the important thing for me is to make a basically "challenging" (I mean that in the sense that it usually makes Couples nervous) program fun and self-identical so that you can enjoy those few minutes. Personally, the preparation time is as important as the opening dance itself, because dancing is actually a bit of couple therapy, a "team builder", if you know what I mean.