Master of Ceremonies

A team player who provides support from the start.

The emcee, the host, the moderator, the presenter. There are many names for this, but one thing is for sure, it is one of the most important, a kind of on-site wedding planner. I manage, control, I am an important part of the team.


What to know:

  • I will issue an invoice, including of course the deposit (e-invoice, which I will send you by email);
  • I will also write a contract, but before that, respecting your privacy, you will have to accept the privacy notice (regardless of whether you have already done so on the form);
  • the travel cost is calculated from Budapest or Győr, depending on which city the wedding is closer to, and if the wedding is within the administrative boundaries of Győr or Budapest, there is no travel cost;
  • we will jointly prepare the final wedding plan two weeks before the wedding, which I will forward to all service providers the week of the wedding;
  • I will contact the service providers by phone and email one week before the wedding day, so that the contact and consultation will be made during that week; 
  • I am available at least one hour before the official start time until 1 AM , however, by mutual agreement, if the Master of Ceremonies is required for longer than 1 AM, there is no extra charge;
  • I will not consume alcohol during my service and I do not smoke;
  • if the wedding venue is more than 90 minutes from Budapest or Győr, accommodation is an additional cost;
  • during the preparations, I will share additional suggestions and tips on wedding planning, so to the best of my ability, I will "hold your hand" until the wedding day, and I keep in daily contact with my Couples if they have any questions during the planning.
  • answering minor questions about wedding planning at no extra cost.

350 couples trusted me to organize and coordinate their wedding, write the text of their civil ceremony and prepare their wedding dance.

Join them and let me help you make this day unforgettable. Be a LaVie Couple and feel the LaVie Spirit.

Briefly about our work together

I like to have a good atmosphere at the wedding, which is very important, for example, that I talk to the guests during the waiting, get to know them, so they will take my jokes much better later and they will be partners in the fun. Besides, the jointly prepared wedding plan contains enough information to keep everything under control without having to bother you, my couple, with questions on the wedding day. These examples are small things, but they are very important to have a fun and festive celebration, but in the background everything goes smoothly.

As for my style, it's important to note that I have a very elegant style (suit, tie) with a bit of a presenter's attitude, but I also like to be direct with the guests and entertain them, which gives me the flexibility I need to change it up depending on the programme.

The wedding is a team building day in my approach, as it is actually when two families meet, mostly for the first time, so I find it very important to structure the games and the programs properly. In terms of games, I prefer those that help you to get to know the guests, to bring them closer together, I'm happy to suggest ideas. About dancing, there is no shortage of it from my side, if there is openness to it from the guests as well , as there can be ad hoc circle dances with the guests, dance competitions etc., the possibilities are endless. Besides all this, for me, a wedding is a ceremonial event, so I would like to convey a mixture of all these through my work.